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If you are seeking an extensions method that is free from the use of glue or heat, you have come to the right place. We are proud to offer alternative techniques that provide the desired effects without compromising the health of your hair. Are you in search of a long-term hair solution? Look no further!

Our expertise lies in providing sustainable solutions that will keep you satisfied for an extended period. We understand the importance of longevity and deliver results accordingly. We take pride in offering a lightweight solution to our clients. We understand that minimal weight and comfort are crucial factors in achieving ultimate satisfaction. With our techniques, you can enjoy a natural and comfortable hair experience without feeling weighed down. If you are looking for undetectable and customized hairpieces, you have found the perfect partner.


& Comfort

We offer lightweight and comfortable solutions, understanding the importance of comfort and ease


& Durability

Our approach guarantees the longevity of hair extensions and client satisfaction over many years


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    Consultation and Analysis

    The first step is taking a consultation, so that we can get a proper understanding about your situation and where you are heading. Please provide us the pictures of your hair that match these criteria:

    1. Shot in daylight
    2. Multiple angles
    3. Washed, wet, combed
    4. Airdried
    5. Not selfie shot

    Once we received your pictures, we are ready to schedule our online 60 minutes consultation appointment and to welcome you later in the salon to measure your unique head size to start the process.

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    Ethical Hair Selection

    We start searching for a suitable hair piece for you. We work with single hair donor, which is why we handpick hair individually to make the right choice for you and your hair type. We make sure the hair matches yours in every aspect. Colour, structure, thickness of individual hair strand and pick the correct weight for you.

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    Handmade Crafting

    All our sets of wefts are unique pieces, it is exclusive. They are handcrafted by NOISM hairculture Team and partners in Germany, Ukraine and Portugal. In a very intricate process the extensions are produced into micro wefts and later sewn according to your individual measurements

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    After a waiting period of usually about 2 months we are ready to install the hair onto your head. This process includes braiding a tiny cornrow and sewing the hair pieces carefully on the braid. It's very safe, pain free and highly aesthetic. We don’t use any glue or other damaging adhesives.



The weaving extensions technique, also known as the sew-in technique, is a method of attaching hair extensions to natural hair by weaving them into a braided foundation.

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